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Outlook Board Member, Dr. Renee McLaughlin, MD., in the News Again

Posted on April 19, 2016 in

Outlook Board Member, Renee McLaughlin, MD., was interviewed on NPR’s Here & Now in regards to the TN Counseling Bill, a bill that would allow faith-based counselors to turn away LGBT patients based on their sexual orientation.

Renee continues to be an instrumental voice in speaking out against laws like this one and the recent “Bathroom Bill” targeting Transgender individuals.

As an organization promoting diversity and inclusiveness in our region’s business & professional community, Outlook stands against bills like these–recognizing their negative economic impact & speaking out against inhumane practices such as discrimination in the service industry based on who a person identifies as. Not only are these bills “bad for business”, they are plain wrong.

Listen during Hour 2 at Minute 6:53


Outlook Board Member Advocates For Transgender Rights

Posted on April 13, 2016 in

Our very own, Dr. Renee McLaughlin, is speaking out on a law that would hurt Tennesseans & damage our State’s reputation & economy.

Outlook supports Dr. McLaughlin and the Transgender community in speaking out against damaging legislation such as the “Bathroom Bill.”

Check it out here:

Outlook “Ally” Speaks on Importance of Outlook in Chattanooga

Posted on January 11, 2016 in

Meet Outlook Board Member and Ally, Sabra Stuermer (second from the right), Senior Manager and HR Business Partner at T-Mobile.


When asked about her membership and involvement with Outlook, Sabra explained, “I have long considered myself an ally of the LGBT community, but have been strengthened in my advocacy and passion for helping create an inclusive community because of my role with T-Mobile and the inspiring stories of many of the talented LGBT employees who serve our customers every day.

Because of my involvement in LGBT advocacy, I am often asked about my own orientation or if I have a LGBT child, etc. My answer is always ‘it just seems like the right thing to do.’ My hope is that our community will continue to become more open and welcoming to LGBT citizens and business owners. I am very excited to be a part of the Outlook Board, and to help add my energy to their mission.”

Click below to join Outlook today, and stand with professionals like Sabra to further the mission of equality and inclusiveness in Chattanooga’s professional and business community!


Response to WRCB’s Refusal to Air Marriage Equality Ad

Posted on May 28, 2015 in

Outlook mailed the following letter to Mr. Tom Tolar, President and General Manager of local station, WRCB, after his decision to refuse running an ad on marriage equality caused national outrage.

As an emerging voice in Chattanooga’s business community, Outlook will respond to local decisions that enhance or detract from the development of a local business environment which values diversity and inclusion. In this instance, we feel it is important for our local media to recognize all perspectives in order to build on our city’s growth.